About Us

The attorneys and staff of Curtis R. Ward, P.C. are dedicated legal professionals with extensive experience and a proven track record representing clients in simple and complex real estate transactions. We provide our clients quality, cost-conscious legal representation on a nationwide basis.


We focus our practice on real estate transactions and business law related to real estate. We don’t take on work outside our areas of expertise. If we can’t provide you expert work, we won’t take the work.


Our expertise was developed through years of law firm practice. Our attorneys have experience representing clients of all sizes and in all facets of real estate – from billion dollar equity funds, land owners and developers, to tenants of all sizes. This wide variety of experience gives us an unrivaled understanding of what our clients want and need. We understand our clients’ businesses, not simply their immediate legal needs.

Nationwide Representation

While our attorneys are licensed in Utah and Arizona we currently represent our clients in transactions all across the country with a particular emphasis on the west, west coast, and midwest regions. We have worked on transactions involving properties of all types and in most states of the country.


Our firm’s size demands a level of client interaction, responsiveness and service not possible in many larger firms. Like our clients, we are 24-7 workers. When you engage us, you are directly represented by our experienced partners. Our personal approach to our clients’ representation means that we are always available, one-on-one, as if we were in the same office. We immerse ourselves in our client’s business and operating culture. Based on the level of personal attention each client is given, many clients treat us as if we are trusted partners in their business, not just legal analysts and technicians. It is a relationship forged by trust and devotion to our clients’ work.


In the global marketplace, service is not all you should demand. We understand our clients’ legitimate concern with transaction and legal costs, particularly in businesses and real estate deals with sensitive margins. We use technological innovations in the practice of law, along with our transactional expertise, national contacts and relationships, lightweight footprint and operating costs, to bring a small firm cost structure to a national practice. Call it outsourcing to Utah; the result is substantial rate savings for our clients compared with national firms where high overhead is passed on to clients. Many clients find that our rates are often half of the rate of opposing counsel, but for work product on par with the highest level attorneys in the field.

Bottom Line

Our transactional focus, nationwide expertise, personal understanding of our clients’ businesses, and personal level of service allow us to provide each client with the highest quality legal representation in our field at affordable rates.